28 Day Yoga Challenge with Varsha

Join Senior Yoga Teacher, Varsha Khatri for a 28 Day Yoga Challenge to help you get through the second lockdown

This challenge will run for 28 days helping you get through this second England lockdown. The first day of the challenge will begin on Thursday 5th November and will end on Wednesday 2nd December. The purpose behind this challenge is to start or maintain a daily yoga practice. Each day, I will upload a new short sequence that will be anywhere between 5-10 minutes. The beauty of this challenge is that its a short sequence that you can do anytime anywhere and is suitable for all levels. No equipment or previous experience is required.

This Challenge is Ideal For:

  • Those new to yoga and want taster sessions
  • All of my current yoga students
  • Short on time, but still want to do some yoga daily 
  • Build a daily yoga practice that will last
  • Any student of yoga anywhere
  • Its Free access for 28 days from the day you enrol. 

The benefits of completing the challenge:

  • Improved flexibility

  • Greater productivity

  • Beneficial for mental health

  • Improved strength

  • Builds self-confidence

  • Builds a daily yoga practice

As you join me on this journey, you are welcome to join my Facebook group, Healthy Living with Varsha, where you can share with others your journey on this challenge, support each other, as well as ask any questions.

If you have any questions or issues, please email me at: [email protected] or WhatsApp me on 01895 602695

All the best with the challenge.

Health and happiness,